SC Freiburg missed the coup at Juventus Turin. But the quarter-final dream lives on.

The Italian record champions drew 0-1 (0-0) for the Bundesliga side in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16.

Led by the outstanding Ángel Di Maria, Juve flexed their muscles for an hour. But after the Argentinian’s header (53′), the hosts withdrew more and more and thus missed the preliminary decision.

Bitter for Freiburg: Central defender Philipp Lienhart retired after a collision with Bremer with a leg injury (67th).

VAR whirl: “Don’t check it”
In addition, the equalizer from Lucas Höler was previously conceded by VAR due to a handball from Matthias Ginter (64th). “Of course it’s hand, but not intentional. The Juve player in front of me jumps up, touches the ball and I get it from half a meter. The ball goes to the hand. But it is in front of the body and not spread out. I don’t check it anymore,” said Matthias Ginter on RTL.

Immediately after the kick-off, Freiburg was already swimming and lucky. Christian Streich’s team seemed overwhelmed in the first few minutes.

“We didn’t play the ball clean enough. Basically, everything is still there. But we have to do a few things better,” said coach Christian Streich.

“Against an opponent with such quality, you first have to feel things out. I didn’t think they were that vastly superior. We don’t pay 100% attention in the second half and then the ball hangs,” said keeper Mark Flekken.

dí Maria unstoppable
After just two minutes, Philipp Lienhart clarified after keeper Mark Flekken couldn’t get to the cross from Angel dí Maria in dire need.

The Italian record champions dominated in the early stages. Above all, the outstanding Di Maria was unstoppable and presented the Bundesliga with major problems. He initiated almost every attack himself.

The Argentine served Adrien Rabiot superbly as well. This completed, but Flekken parried outstandingly with his foot and the ball rolled towards the goal. Lienhart cleared there (13′).

But the old lady continued to have the best chances.

After half an hour Bremer got the ball from a corner by Di Maria at the second post and headed it over. Flekken dived under the ball.

Spots against Juve in focus
Just before the break, Juan Cuadrado shot again and Flekken saved (44′).

While Juve pressed, Freiburg remained completely harmless on the offensive. At the break, Baden had not fired a shot. Juve, on the other hand, already had eleven degrees.

However: As the game progressed, the Bundesliga side became more and more secure in defense and the Italians’ attack was no longer so dangerous.

Even after the break, the picture did not change.

Juve kept up the pressure and clearly set the tone. Led by Di Maria, one attack after another rolled towards the Freiburg goal.

dí Maria heads in after a Kostic cross
After a cross from former Frankfurt player Filip Kostic, Di Maria then headed under the bar and was rewarded with the goal (53′).

Freiburg remained safe. But then Lucas Höler hit the first chance with a turning shot out of nowhere. Lucky for Juve: Matthias Ginter put the ball in front of his hands and the video assistant conceded the goal (64th).

Suddenly the old lady only managed and Freiburg came into play. The Streich-Elf shifted the action to the Juve half. Vincenzo Grifo shot just over with a free kick (76′).

The guests didn’t create any better opportunities. In the end it was 19:1 shots on goal for Juve.

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