Frankfurt am Main (SID) – After a renewed ban on fans of Eintracht Frankfurt in the away game in the Champions League at SSC Naples, the Bundesliga soccer club has drawn consequences. “We will completely dispense with the away contingent if, contrary to expectations, the availability does not change at short notice,” said board member Philipp Reschke.

The Prefecture of Naples issued a ban on Sunday evening, for the “protection of public safety” supporters residing in Frankfurt am Main are not allowed to buy tickets for the game. A previous ban was overturned after a legal success of Eintracht.

“There could be countless ways to actually circumvent this decree and bring some of our fans into the stadium. But firstly, we will not allow ourselves to be split up into postcode areas. And secondly, we do not want to expose anyone locally to the obvious danger of official arbitrariness, as we are doing now since the first leg in unprecedented form with everyone responsible in Naples,” said Reschke.

Frankfurt will nevertheless appeal against the order. “In view of the time, it’s all about the principle and the future,” said Reschke. The new decree is “no less illegal in content and justification and also completely unsuitable because two thirds of our fans are known to come from the Rhine-Main region and not from Frankfurt.”

Napoli reacted angrily when the first ban was overturned. The club said they were “deeply concerned about the decision”: “The concern stems from the concrete possibility that riots could occur, as the Interior Ministry’s Analysis Committee for Sports Events found.”

The game will take place on Wednesday (9 p.m. / DAZN) in Italy. The Europa League winner lost the first match in Frankfurt 0:2. There had been some violent attacks and arrests around the stadium around the game.

To prevent such riots from happening again, no tickets should be sold to away fans.

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