“Let’s Dance”: The records of the past seasons


On Friday, May 19th at 8:15 p.m., RTL (also RTL+) will present the grand finale of the 16th “Let’s Dance” season.

Who took home the trophy how often and who was responsible for scoring records? These are exciting “Let’s Dance” facts.

The winners
Who has already made it to the top of the podium on the show? Actor Wayne Carpendale (46) was the first to win the trophy with Isabel Edvardsson (40). Susan Sideropoulos (2007), Sophia Thomalla (2010), Manuel Cortez (2013), Victoria Swarovski (2016) and Ingolf Lück (2018) have previously won the title from the same profession. In addition, four celebrities with a sporting background won: Magdalena Brzeska (2012), Hans Sarpei (2015), Pascal Hens (2019), Lili Paul-Roncalli (2020) and René Casselly (2022). Maite Kelly (2011), Alexander Klaws (2014) and Gil Ofarim (2017) represent the music business in the field of winners.

The primordial rocks
Some faces of the show have been there for many seasons. Joachim Llambi (58) has been part of the jury since the first edition. At first, Katarina Witt (57), Michael Hull (63) and Markus Schöffl (60) sat next to him. Motsi Mabuse (42) has been at his side since 2011, who had previously been a dancer in two seasons. Jorge Gonzalez (55) has been a permanent member of the jury since 2013.

Let’s dance: whispering couple in embarrassment

Familiar faces keep coming back to the dance professionals, too. Christian Polanc (45) has been there since season two, while Isabell Edvardsson and Massimo Sinató (42) each trained celebrities thirteen times. Erich Klann (36) has ten appearances. Ekaterina Leonova (36) has taken part nine times and has had three record wins with celebrities.

Daniel Hartwich (44) has been the moderator for the longest time since 2010, he took over from Hape Kerkeling (58). Sylvie Meis (45) leads the moderating women with seven missions. Before her, Nazan Eckes (47) presented the show three times and after her five times to date, Victoria Swarovski (29).

The points
Before the audience can decide whether the celebrities will progress, the dancing couples must first face the critical assessment of the jury. Up to season five, a maximum of 40 points were awarded by the experts, since season six they have drawn out the “10” three times at best for the top mark of 30 points. Singer Ella Endlich (38) and Valentin Lusin (36) hold a special record. They were given the highest score a total of 10 times in the twelfth season, but in the end that was only enough for second place. Vanessa Mai (31) and Christian Polanc follow in the list with nine times 30 points and Lili-Paul Roncalli (25) and Massimo Sinató as well as Valentina Pahde (28) and Lusin with eight times. In 2022, Pahde set a special record in week seven: for the first time in “Let’s Dance” history, she got full points for a Viennese waltz.

Let’s dance: juror Llambi beside himself

This season, Anna Ermakova (23) was primarily responsible for something unprecedented in the RTL dance show. Motsi Mabuse, Jorge González and Joachim Llambi often agreed after their performance: The 10 points are not enough as an evaluation. “You’ve been world class every night so far. I also look at other countries. I’ve never seen such a slow waltz. You’re so far away,” enthused Llambi. In Slowfox he even added a symbolic point to his ten points for the dancer. “I have to be honest, I can’t help it. But I’ve never seen such beautiful footwork and footwork on ‘Let’s Dance’. Just great!” Motsi Mabuse also explained after the Cha Cha Cha of the prominent exceptional talent.


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