“Fast & Furious 10”: Jason Momoa regrets his villain role


“Fast & Furious 10” has started in German cinemas – and with superstar Jason Momoa (43) once again offers a brilliant villain. In the first reactions, critics and fans almost praise the Hollywood giant, whose flamboyant performance as Dante Reyes is unanimously enthusiastic. However, Momoa himself regrets one particular aspect of his debut in the Fast & Furious universe.

Jason Momoa: “I would really like to drive more”
“My only disappointment about it all is that I wasn’t allowed to drive anymore,” the Aquaman star said during a press event, according to Cinemablend. According to Momoa, however, this should change for “Fast & Furious 11”, the already planned next part of the PS franchise. “That’s going to be my massive request […]. I would love to learn this stuff”.

In fact, Momoa is rarely seen behind the wheel of a car in Fast & Furious 10 – and the star’s testimony suggests that this footage was shot in the studio and Momoa wasn’t driving the vehicles herself. On the other hand, during an extended motorcycle chase in Rome, he took over the controls himself, as the star himself explained: “I know how to ride motorcycles […] and that’s why I did 80 percent of the motorcycle scenes”. According to Momoa, this was “great” and he is grateful to the production that his driving skills were trusted in these sequences.


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