Ukrainian journalist sees family home destroyed by Russia on TV

BBC Ukrainian journalist Olga Malchevska sees images of her family’s home bombed by Russian troops – Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

A Ukrainian journalist from the BBC network saw on TV footage of the building where her family lived in Kiev, destroyed after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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“Yesterday, when I agreed to come here to your studio this morning, I couldn’t have imagined that at 3am London time I would find out that my house was bombed,” journalist Olga Malchevska told presenter Karin Giannone.

As she spoke, Malchevska received a message from her mother, whom she had not heard from until then.

“It doesn’t enter my head that what I’m seeing is a place where I used to live,” said the emotional journalist, unable to continue with the interview.

Karin Giannone clarified on her Twitter that Olga Malchevska’s family had not been affected.

“We didn’t know until that moment that it was actually [her family’s] building that had been hit. Fortunately, Olga’s family is safe,” she wrote.


Barcelona and Napoli players display anti-conflict message: “Stop the war”

Despite being prohibited by UEFA, the demonstration was made by the two squads before the match this afternoon. Photo: (David S. Bustamante/Socrates/Getty Images)

The war on the Ukraine-Russia border made players from Barcelona and Napoli, before today’s match valid for the second phase of the Europa League, enter with a banner on the lawn of the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, in southern Italy, and display it for all to see.

In the demonstration, whose main act was the display of a white banner with the words “Stop the war”, the athletes interspersed, showing union, and posed so that the photographers present at the stadium could register the moment.

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UEFA, European football’s governing body, prohibits political and religious manifestations from taking place in competitions that are governed by the organization’s umbrella. Interestingly, the referee of the match between Napoli and Barcelona was Sergey Karasev, a Russian national.

Also on Thursday, another demonstration was made in Europa League matches. In the clash between Atalanta and Olympiacos, Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinovsky, of Ukrainian origin, lifted his shirt after scoring two goals in the match and displayed a message on his garment underneath: “No war in Ukraine”.