Batman’s Only “Super Power” Is So Absurd That Even DC Comics Admits It

Batman has no powers, all of his greatest feats being the result of years of training that transformed Bruce Wayne’s body into a specimen of the apex human. But some things are still unexplainable even in this context, like the Dark Knight’s “superpower” disappearing during conversations out of nowhere.

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Commissioner Gordon is one of the main “victims” of this ability of Batman, as it is quite common that when both are discussing crimes, the Dark Knight understands that the dialogue is over and disappears. But in some cases even the police officer can’t believe this situation, like Batman: Killing Time #2.

In the issue, the hero and the commissioner discuss the next steps a villainous union, led by the Riddler and with members like Catwoman and Penguin, can take in the criminal scheme. The policeman allows the vigilante to interrogate a prisoner to try to get more details, leading both characters to a corridor of the police station, in which a room in the back guards the criminal important to the plot.

Commissioner Gordon is tired of Batman’s disappearances. (Image: Reproduction/DC Comics)

Batman enters the room and interrogates the criminal, and after finishing the task he talks to Gordon in the middle of the hallway. The policeman, in the middle of the conversation, looks away from the Hooded Crusader, and when he returns his attention to the place where the hero was, he notices that he has disappeared. “We’re in a hallway… you’re messing with me, you’re hiding behind a #$@!! trash?” rages the commissioner, shocked by this hero’s disappearance.

This vanishing in the shadows technique used by Batman is a consequence of his training with the League of Shadows in his youth, adding to the character’s theatrics, as his opponents and even friends end up scared by the situation.

However, in many cases, it ends up being inexplicable, especially in police stations, one of the places where Wayne uses this tactic the most. In them, the environments are usually too compact to make the use of this power believable, which makes everything seem dissonant from the supposed realism of the character.
At the same time, we’re talking about a billionaire who dresses up as a bat to fight super-developed clowns and crocodiles, so maybe demanding realism isn’t exactly the best way to go — it’s better to take advantage of situations like Batman: Killing Time #2, in that the comic book characters themselves question the more extensive abilities of Gotham’s dark hero.


Gotham Knights has found its Stephanie Brown

The CW’s pilot series “Gotham Knights,” based on DC’s comic books, is growing. Anna Lore, known from “All American” created by the same station, will join the title group of heroes.

“Gotham Knights” – what will the series tell?

The series is set to take place after the murder of Bruce Wayne. Without Batman, Gotham is becoming more dangerous than ever. The rebellious adopted son of the Dark Knight joins forces with his opponents’ children, who have been framed for his murder. A group of the city’s most wanted criminals is formed, fighting to clear their name.
Lore will play the role of Stephanie Brown, described as a master in solving logical puzzles. However, behind his talent, he hides a family life that is far from ideal. In the comic book universe, the heroine is the daughter of the criminal Cluemaster, who puts on her own costume and began to introduce herself as a Spoiler. In other graphic novels, Brown became the new Robin or Batgirl.

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The character appeared on the small screen in the second season of Batwoman (played by Morgan Kohan) and in the animated film “Young Justice”. Lore herself has already appeared in superhero productions. In 2019, she starred in two episodes of the series “Doom Patrol”, also based on comics from the DC universe.

“Gotham Knights” – cast and creators

Natalie Abrams (“Batwoman”), James Stoteraux and Chad Fiveash are working on the script. Stoteraux and Fiveash are the executive producers for this. The project is supervised by Greg Berlanti, and the series is being prepared by his studio, Berlanti Productions in cooperation with Warner Bros. Television.

The cast includes Olivia Rose Keegan, Navia Robinson, Fallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara and Misha Collins, who will play the role of district attorney Harvey Dent.

Gotham Knights will not be a Batwoman spin-off, nor is it related to the upcoming Gotham Knights video game.