These are the most valuable football clubs in the world

When it comes to football, Europe leads the world in terms of pure market values. And in Europe, the most valuable clubs are found, how could it be otherwise, in the Premier League.

Eight clubs from the island are in the top 20, but four clubs from the Bundesliga are also in this ranking.

The most valuable club is worth more than one billion euros. The most valuable player alone has the same market value as the entire SC Freiburg, after all the ninth most valuable club in the Bundesliga.

The most valuable German player is 18 million euros more valuable than the entire Werder Bremen squad.

This is the top 20 most valuable football clubs in the world by market value. (Source: as of October 9, 2022, all images: Reuters)

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After relegation second leg: Police initiate investigations

During the controversial relegation second leg between Dynamo Dresden and 1. FC Kaiserslautern (0:2), the feared riots broke out in and outside the Rudolf Harbig Stadium. After the final whistle, a group of around 30 Dynamo fans tried to illegally gain access to the stadium building, injuring two stewards. They are being investigated for breach of the peace.

After stones were thrown at one of the shuttle buses on departure, investigations into property damage were also initiated. In addition, there is a suspicion of dangerous bodily harm because a rocket flew from the guest block to the south stand in the first half. But nobody was injured.

During the game, both fan camps repeatedly ignited pyrotechnics. After the second goal for promoted Lautern in injury time, referee Daniel Siebert interrupted the game for a few minutes because the home fans had thrown several flares onto the pitch.

Reis ahead of Berlin duel: “It’s important how we present ourselves”

Promoted VfL Bochum wants to end its strong season in the Bundesliga properly – even if the team of coach Thomas Reis is not about anything sporty in the game at Union Berlin. “It’s important how we present ourselves,” said Reis, looking at the duel in the capital on Saturday (3:30 p.m. / Sky): “Union beat us in the first leg, we don’t want that to happen a second time.”

For Union there is still a lot at stake on the last day of the game, especially the competitors SC Freiburg and 1. FC Köln should keep their fingers crossed for Bochum: If VfL gets at least a draw in the An der alten Försterei stadium, Union could not beat SC Freiburg displace more from fifth place – and would also have to fear losing sixth place to Cologne.

Union is playing “an outstanding season,” said Reis, the team “allows few chances, they have a good basic structure, pace up front. That will be a lot of work.” The coach also promised reserve goalkeeper Michael Esser to play. The 34-year-old “behaved impeccably at all times, motivates the boys, is there in every training session”.

Highest paid athletes: Messi ahead of James and Ronaldo

Three times football, four times NBA, a few elderly men – and not a single woman: In the list of the best-earning athletes, many old acquaintances can be found at the top again this year. According to estimates by the business magazine Forbes, Argentina’s football star Lionel Messi (34) has earned 130 million dollars (124.5 million euros) in the past twelve months and is at the top for the second time in his career.

In 2019, the offensive player from Paris St. Germain had already done that. His long-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/115 million dollars) and his club colleague Neymar (Brazil/95) are the other footballers in the top 10 in third and fourth place.

Basketball superstar LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is in second place this year. With $121.2 million, the 37-year-old broke the record for an NBA professional (96.5), which he set himself last year. Stephen Curry (5th / 92.8), Kevin Durant (6th / 92.1) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (10th / 80.9) also made it into the top 10 from the NBA.

The highest-paid athlete who doesn’t play soccer or basketball is Roger Federer. The 40-year-old tennis star is seventh with $90.7 million. The only major earner under the age of 30 is the Greek Antetokounmpo (27). As in previous years, female athletes are only to be expected in the top 50 list, and even there only sporadically. Forbes plans to publish the extended list soon. The estimates include salaries and prize money from sports as well as income from sponsorship deals and license agreements.

The top 10 highest paid athletes (source: Forbes):

  1. Lionel Messi (Argentina/Soccer/$130M)
  2. LeBron James (USA/Basketball/121.2)
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/Football/115)
  4. Neymar (Brazil/Soccer/95)
  5. Stephen Curry (USA/Basketball/92.8)
  6. Kevin Durant (USA/Basketball/92.1)
  7. Roger Federer (Switzerland/Tennis/90.7)
  8. Canelo Alvarez (Mexico/Boxing/90)
  9. Tom Brady (USA/American Football/83.9)
  10. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Greece/Basketball/80.9)

Vasco wins CSA with a goal from Gabriel Pec and glues to the G-4 of Serie B

São Januário is a melting pot. But, in the current phase of Vasco, two sides of the same coin. When he wins, he is the terror of his opponents. When he stumbles, he turns to despair for those who wear the Maltine Cross. Yesterday, the 1-0 victory over CSA with a goal by Gabriel Pec does not reduce the pressure of a team that was harassed for almost 90 minutes, but it is important for those who want higher flights in the Brazilian Series B.

The result takes Vasco to fifth place with 10 points, the same as Cruzeiro, the first in the classification zone, but still playing in the round. On the other hand, he maintains his cross-Maltina unbeaten record, which now has four draws and two victories in the tournament.

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But yesterday’s game was far from festive. The boos and screams of dissatisfaction started even when the squad appeared on the screen. Zé Ricardo, extremely booed, tried to do well. During the week, he signaled Getúlio in the starting lineup, but it didn’t work. He heard shouts of “take away Getúlio”.

It also started with Edimar in place of Riquelme because he thought the team was having trouble getting the ball out. Frustrated experience. Vasco’s performance repeated the usual scenario: a slow team, with little creativity that had lots of scares.

— You have to compose yourself, to play for Vasco it’s like that, it’s pressure. They are right, we have to run more – evaluated the goalkeeper Thiago Rodrigues, one of the few who has been spared by the stands.

The CSA, who had nothing to do with it, stayed on his side and played to make the cauldron heat up against Vasco. Before the break, he had more possession (56% x 44%) and created two good chances, with Lucas Barcelos. The crowd’s pressure helped Mozart outline his counterattack and scare strategy.

Until Zé Ricardo, the criticized, made the substitution that decided the match. By putting Figueiredo and Palacios, he improved the offensive sector and managed to press. Here, the technician deserves praise.

Vasco’s goal had a hint of luck. Figueiredo kicked the post, the ball hit the back of the CSA goalkeeper and left for Gabriel Pec. Still, the Maltese cross was better on the field.

At the final whistle, it was Vasco. The atmosphere is still one of pressure, but the boos gave way to applause after the victory. The Maltese cross is not convincing, but winning is essential.

‘Judas’ in Portugal, Paulo Sousa tries to overcome Jesus’ shadow in Flamengo

Paulo Sousa during a classic against Fluminense (Photo: Wagner Meier/Getty Images)

LISBON – The cover of the sports newspaper A Bola, the most traditional in Portugal, printed in 1993: “’Calcio’ can wait. Paulo Sousa at Sporting. He has already sent the termination request to Benfica”.

Almost 30 years have passed since then, but that transfer window would be marked forever among the Portuguese and would be dubbed “hot summer”. Paulo Sousa, in particular, still feels the effects of it to this day, the result of his decision to terminate his contract with Benfica, then in crisis, because of late salaries and sign with rival Sporting.

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In his presentation in Alvalade, he admitted to being a Sporting fan since childhood and said he needed to think about his future.

He was never forgiven by Benfica fans.

To this day, the 51-year-old former midfielder is addressed by Portugal’s biggest fans as “Judas” and considered persona non grata at Luz Stadium. For this reason, few in the country were surprised by Sousa’s decision to change the Polish team. that disputes the repechage for the World Cup for a Flamengo in reconstruction at the end of December.

At Ninho do Urubu, the two-time champion of the Champions League as a player for Juventus and Borussia Dortmund has had an eventful start to a cycle.

On the one hand, he is praised for his innovative work philosophy and the changes he has promoted, but, on the other, he is contested by a small portion of the crowd, who rushed to boo him in his third official game for the red and black. .


Chelsea owner Abramovich hands over club management to foundation

Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, holds the FIFA Club World Cup. Photo: Michael Regan – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

BENGALURU, India (Reuters) – Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has given the trustees of the London club’s charity foundation the management of the club, the Russian said on Saturday.

Abramovich, who bought the London club in 2003, said the foundation was in the “best position to look after the club’s interests”.

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“I’ve always seen my role as the club’s guardian, whose job it is to ensure we are as successful as we can be today, as well as build the future, while also playing a positive role in our communities,” he said.

“I have always made decisions with the club’s best interest at heart. I remain committed to these values.” Abramovich and Chelsea did not reveal the reasons behind the decision.

However, several Russian individuals and entities have been subject to sanctions by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after Moscow launched an invasion of Ukraine this week.

Abramovich has not yet been placed under any sanctions.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel said on Friday that uncertainty over Abramovich’s future was weighing on the club ahead of Sunday’s League Cup final.


Fluminense reserves shine in victory over Vasco and heat up title dispute

Ganso provided two assists in Fluminense’s victory over Vasco (PHOTO: LUCAS MERÇON / FLUMINENSE F.C.)

Fluminense extended the winning streak last Saturday, when they beat Vasco 2-0. Between the Libertadores debut and the return, this Tuesday in São Januário, the option was to activate the tricolor’s alternative team. In addition to the three points, the match served to highlight some players who have already been asking for passage, as is the case of Arias, Cano, Martinelli and Ganso. However, Abel Braga says that the rotation in the squad will be necessary and does not distinguish between reserves and holders.

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With Arias and Cano on the field, Fluminense scored six times, five of them in Carioca, almost half the number of goals the team scored in Carioca. In Libertadores, the Argentine marked the tricolor turn in Bogotá. In addition to guaranteeing victories, the duo manages to give agility to the attack and moves the plays, characteristics that Fred, Willian and Luiz Henrique have found it difficult to present. In a short time, the good phase of the attackers convinced part of the crowd, which asks for the South Americans in the starting lineup.

In between, fans are also asking for changes. Since the beginning of the season, Ganso had already been requested in the games, but was not triggered at first. However, the midfielder made his debut against Portuguesa and played a safe game, in which he managed the distribution of plays and helped the offensive transition. In the victory against Vasco, shirt 10 made a gala performance and gave the two assists for the goal.

After the victory over Portuguesa, Abel Braga confessed that he was intrigued by the performances of the three players, and left open the possibility of casting them in Libertadores. Arias, Cano and Ganso did not start, but played in the match. Last Saturday, the coach rejected the idea that Fluminense has a reserve team, but is prepared to compete in four competitions at the same level.

Today it was proved that there is no team A or B, Fluminense has two good teams to compete in many competitions in the year. That’s the way I see it. Some players start to stand out, others not so much, but that’s how it is. We are growing as a whole,” he said.

Another case is that of Martinelli, who lost his title under the command of Abel Braga. Even on the bench, the midfielder has been acting and has only not entered three rounds so far. Despite not having scored the net yet, Moleque de Xerém has stood out in the match and even helped the offensive sector when necessary.

Satisfied with the performance of the alternative team, Abel said that he can use some players in the decision against Millonarios. Cano is practically confirmed, since Fred is sidelined by injury in the tournament’s debut. In addition to the team’s top scorer, it is possible that highlights from the victories over Botafogo and Vasco will also be used.

Now we will analyze the group that played today until Monday, and it may be that on Tuesday we will put something from these people who played with great brilliance. It won’t be easy for us, we won because we played our way and we’re not going to change anything.


Joel Carli, from Botafogo, is very close to becoming a Brazilian citizen

Carli’s naturalization will ‘open’ another spot for a foreigner in the squad (Thiago Mendes / W9Press / Lancepress!)

Joel Carli’s identification with Botafogo and with national football is about to get even closer. Close to becoming the foreigner who most wore the alvinegra shirt in history, the Argentinian applied to the Federal Government to become a Brazilian citizen. The information was released by “Extra”.

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The defender has been at Botafogo since 2016. His cycle at the club was interrupted between June 2020 and March 2021, when he had a brief spell at Aldosivi-ARG). Therefore, Carli fulfills all the Federal Government’s prerequisites to proceed with the process, which are to reside in Brazil for an indefinite period for at least four years, to have the ability to communicate in Portuguese and not have a criminal conviction. In all, the process lasts about 60 days and should end in mid-April.

The action, which took place at the initiative of the defender himself, will be beneficial to John Textor’s plans. The future owner of the Botafogo SAF intends to hire foreign athletes for Alvinegro. In Brazil, a team can only take five players from outside the country to a match.

In addition to Carli, the Uruguayan Gatito Fernández also defends Botafogo. With the naturalization of the defender, the club would have four vacancies.

Carli is on the countdown to enter alvinegra history. With 178 games, the Argentine tends to become the foreigner who most wore the shirt of Botafogo. His compatriot Rodolfo Fischer, who played for the club from 1972 to 1976, is the leader.


Zenit fires Ukrainian defender after criticism of Russia on social media

Yaroslav Rakitskiy fired from Zenit, Russia (Twitter/Zenit)

Russia’s declaration of war against Ukraine continues to have consequences for the football world. This Friday, Zenit-RUS fired 32-year-old Ukrainian defender Yaroslav Rakitskiy. The defender had used social media to criticize the Russian government.

Last Thursday, after Vladimir Putin’s declaration of war, the defender posted a photo of the Ukrainian flag on social media. Alongside the image, Rakitskiy wrote the caption with a request for peace and a wish to end the invasion. The athlete has been on the team since 2019.

Zenit is a team from St. Petersburg and is owned by Gazprom, a state-owned gas and energy company. Russian President Vladimir Putin is a fan of the team. Revealed by Shakhtar Donetsk, from Ukraine, Yaroslav Rakitskiy played 108 games and scored 7 goals.

Since 2014, the Donetsk region declared itself independent from Ukraine and due to geopolitical conflicts, Shakhtar had to leave the city of origin and work in Kiev. The same is true of the Luhansk region. Last Monday, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, recognized the independence of the two provinces.

This Thursday, Russia decided to militarily invade Ukraine on the grounds that it is acting in defense of territorial claims. However, there is little clarity on whether Putin’s nation seeks only to secure the sovereignty of Donetsk and Luhansk or whether it plans to expand territorially.