Trailer: “Tokyo Vice” provides intense insight into the Japanese mafia world

Ansel Elgort enters the world of television with the lead role in the reality-based thriller series, about an American journalist who covers crime in Tokyo.

HBO Max has released a first, intense trailer for its upcoming thriller series “Tokyo Vice”, which premieres on the streaming service next month. At the top of the cast is Ansel Elgort, most recently in Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story”, in his first major series role, followed by Ken Watanabe (“The Last Samurai”).

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The plot revolves around the American journalist Jake Adelstein, whose career has largely been spent in Tokyo. His work as a digging crime reporter led to major revelations about the Japanese mafia, and his experiences in 2009 resulted in an autobiography, which has been the basis for the script in “Tokyo Vice”.

The series, which consists of ten episodes, is created and written by J.T. Rogers, who mainly has a background in theater. The first episode is directed by Michael Mann, known for being behind action-packed crime films such as “Heat”, “Collateral” and “Miami Vice”.

The first three episodes of “Tokyo Vice” will be released on HBO Max on April 7. Thereafter, two episodes will be released every Thursday, until the season finale on April 28.

Jeffrey Wright: Does he want to direct a Batman spin-off?

Jeffrey Wright credit:Bang Showbiz

Jeffrey Wright has been in talks about a spin-off of ‘The Batman’.

The 56-year-old plays the role of Jim Gordon, a Gotham City cop, in the new superhero blockbuster starring Robert Pattinson and admits that while there have been talks, he’s not currently interested in the role a Gotham PD spin-off series for the HBO Max streaming service.

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Speaking to, Jeffrey said: “This topic hasn’t been covered in enough depth on my part, especially as I’m really focused on getting this film out first. Let’s deal with that first before we start considering other things. I mean, I haven’t thought about it yet.” However, Wright also added, “There’s been some talk about it.” So fans can still hold out hope for a possible spin-off.

The actor is no stranger to major franchises, having met Dr. Felix Leiter played in the James Bond series. However, he revealed that he particularly loves the passion fans show towards Batman and the characters. Jeffrey added, “What I love about these characters and this franchise – and I’ve been in some big franchises, just done the latest Bond, done a couple of the Hunger Games movies – is the passion for these movies, the Batman -Movies and the comics. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced as an actor.”