Oscar winner Jared Leto doesn’t watch his own films

Oscar-Preisträger Jared Leto (AFP/Oscar DEL POZO) (Oscar DEL POZO)

Oscar-winner Jared Leto hasn’t watched one of his critically acclaimed films in decades. “I never look at them,” Leto said in an interview with news agency AFP. The last film he saw on screen was Requiem for a Dream at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.

Leto said it was crucial for an actor to be unbiased and unaware of himself. “So I’m doing everything I can not to think about myself from the outside,” said the 50-year-old. “That way, I never repeat myself.”

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Leto now wants to prove his versatility in his first leading role in a blockbuster. In the Marvel film “Morbius” he plays the scientist Michael Morbius, who suffers from a disease that turns him into a vampire.

For him, this film is “something new and different – I like big, funny popcorn films“. But Leto doesn’t want to switch forever, as he told AFP. The Marvel role could “help pay the bills,” after which he could play in other productions again.

Leto became known in the mid-90s through the US series “Welcome to Life”. He later starred in the war film “The Thin Red Line”, the psychological thriller “Fight Club” and the film “American Psycho”. He won the 2014 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as an AIDS-stricken transsexual in Dallas Buyers Club.


Morbius, the antihero of the Spider-man universe, is very close

Sony has the rights to some charismatic Marvel characters and wants to take advantage of them. For this reason, this 2022 arrives in theaters with Morbius, the film about a dark comic book antihero with whom he tries to repeat the success achieved by Venom.

And for you to be an expert on the subject and arrive prepared, we will tell you everything about the movie Morbius (plot, origin, actors, etc). Get ready, because another iconic Spider-Man character is coming soon.

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Sony seems keen not to let Disney be the only one bringing Marvel characters to the big screen. For this reason, Morbius, the film about the living vampire, will soon arrive.

And we tell you all the details about the movie, starting at the beginning.

Trailer and origin of the film

The origin is Venom, whether you want to recognize it or not. Or rather, the unexpected success that Sony has reaped with the character.

When the production company got the rights to Spider-Man, during the time when Marvel was selling them off to survive, it also got the rights to the villains and characters that appeared in those comics.

And while Spider-Man is that son of divorcees with whom they finally seem to have agreed between Marvel Studios and Sony, the rest of the characters in the Spidey comics are not so clear.

The point is that, with the Venom movie and its sequel, Sony has triumphed at the box office and now returns with Morbius to try to repeat the result. As you will see, they have not randomly chosen the protagonist, since he contains many similarities.