‘The Batman 2’ starring Robert Pattinson has been confirmed

That’s probably not the biggest surprise, but now it’s bombproof: We get The Batman 2 with Robert Pattinson back in the role of Gotham’s protector.

It revealed Warner Bros. to CinemaCon, where it was also announced that Matt Reeves will also return as director and screenwriter on the sequel.

No details about the film’s plot or release date were released.

Recently, a deleted scene between Batman and the Joker appeared on the net, but Reeves has previously stated that the iconic villain is not intended for a large place in the 2nd.

The Batman universe is also being expanded on HBO Max, where two series are on the way. Namely one about Colin Farrell’s The Penguin and one series about Arkham Asylum.

‘The Batman’ can be seen in theaters right now.

First image: Michael Keaton’s new Batman costume unveiled

If you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s two Batman movies, you’re probably looking forward to seeing protagonist Michael Keaton revisit the role of Knight of the Night.

It happens in the two movies The Flash and Batgirl. Now, Keaton’s new Bat costume has reportedly gotten into the hands of Twitter profile Epic Film Guys.

Although not officially confirmed, the design of the suit seems very likely: A recognizable combination of the outfit from the 1989 film added a bit of new detail – such as a black belt instead of a yellow one.

Whether this is the final design is not known, but now there is at least something to relate to.

‘The Flash’ premieres in theaters on June 22, 2023.

‘Batgirl’ hits HBO Max later this year.

Watch the Joker scene cut from “The Batman”

Director Matt Reeves has released a 5-minute scene that was not included in the current movie.

When you make a film with three hours of playing time, then you can count on sacrificing some “darlings” along the way. Although one of these is Barry Keoghan in the role of the Joker.

One of Batman’s main arch-enemies now shows up in a clipped scene from “The Batman“. Here we get to see a full five minutes of interaction between Robert Pattinson’s dark knight and a nasty Joker, trapped in the madhouse Arkham, who gets to help solve one of the serial killer Riddler’s riddles.

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Director Matt Reeves himself shared the clip on his Twitter late last night. See it below – and * warning for spoilers * further down in the video.

Here we get a better look at the Joker, even if tricky camera work mostly hides his face. Barry Keoghan’s Joker is also included in the finished film, albeit in a much shorter scene. He shows up as a surprise at the end to converse with the captured Riddler (Paul Dano) and hear if he needs a friend.

“The Batman” is now going to the movies. The film is expected to be released on the streaming service HBO Max on April 19.

Robert Pattinson: Batman is something completely different

Robert Pattinson credit:Bang Showbiz

Robert Pattinson considers Batman “separate” from every other superhero.

The 35-year-old actor plays the Caped Crusader and his billionaire alter-ego Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ new blockbuster The Batman, which also stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman aka Selena Kyle. Now the ‘Twilight’ star has explained why the character and films stand out from other comic book creations.

Speaking on the ‘Kyle and Jackie O Show’, he said: “The weird thing about doing a superhero movie is that it’s a huge commitment. Normally you would have to sign for five or six films at the same time. So it’s a lot of responsibility.

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And you also have to deal with the fan base somehow.” With Batman, however, that is something different: “But I have always interpreted Batman in such a way that he is separate from every other superhero. It’s just kind of a legacy of the movies. As far as I can remember, that seemed to be the first superhero movie that felt really different.”

Pattinson also admitted he’s still coming to terms with his own film – which he described as a “different but familiar approach” to the character – having first seen it just a few days ago. He explained, “There’s strength in the script. It’s kind of weird… I literally only saw the movie a few days ago, so I’m still trying to get through with it. It really feels like Batman, but it’s also a different narrative from Batman, a slightly different origin story. And his psychological state is very different, but there’s also something that feels very primal like Batman. It could be the Batsuit.”


The Batman: The streets of Gotham are full of darkness and stylish madness

Director Matt Reeves is investing in leaving an imprint in the Batman shoes – with more than a hint of flirtation with the serial killer genre. Here is a swagger and an aesthetic that encompasses everything from the film’s brilliant soundtrack to the subtitles. “The Batman” delivers a tough package of action, intrigue and seduction.

Imagine something dark and dirty. Then think another round and make it even dirtier and darker. Gotham’s sewer pipes to the city have an accompanying depressing mood (accentuated by Robert Pattinson’s clenched jaws and The Cure make-up).

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The actor’s grave speaker’s voice trumpets the city’s degeneration – as if it were needed. However, that ambiguity is well offset by the film’s ingenious opening scene with an unexpected use of Schubert’s “Ave Maria” for a playful spy sequence.

Today’s enemy is a genuinely unpleasant The Riddler (and then we talk really unpleasant) who has all the city’s corrupt rulers in the firing line. Against him stands Bruce Wayne / Batman, who is increasingly pressured by his family’s shady past and Commissioner Gordon – one of the few pure cops in town. Riddler’s initial execution of Gotham’s mayor is provocatively scary and puts both the audience and Batman on edge. More murders follow, of course – with accompanying clues in the form of riddles like breadcrumbs for Batman. But the closer Batman and Gordon get to the truth, the sicker the game becomes. Riddler is always one step ahead and seems willing to go to any lengths to reveal the truth about the city’s elite.

It’s gasping dark. And that’s why it’s so important that Reeves adds those comic moments with Colin Farrell’s (completely unrecognizable) Penguin or the personal chemistry with the wayward Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) who touches on things. Her seductive and cheeky Catwoman has a dynamic presence that adds energy to the film.

Pattinson’s monotonous gloom may not have much to add to Bruce Wayne – but like Batman, he’s surprisingly good. It’s an unexpectedly physically brutal and present interpretation in which Pattinson has beefed up considerably for the role. He is surrounded by a handful of talents – the always reliable Jeffrey Wright almost matches Gary Oldman as Gordon and a bunch of talented supporting roles as tough big city cops. Some form of recognition should also be given to Colin Farrell’s fantastic make-up which makes him barely recognizable in the role of the Penguin.

Gotham is now so dilapidated and degenerate that it is close to capsizing in a sewer. Here you can see clear influences from Fincher – especially films like “Seven” and “Zodiac”. The film works hard to establish its own identity from the beginning – everything from image sections to the stylish subtitles and the tight and surprising soundtrack is cool and well thought out. Possibly it can become a little self-conscious sometimes in the pursuit of original angles.

Is this the ultimate Batman movie? Maybe not. But it offers adrenaline and style in a way that is impossible to ignore. The streets of Gotham are darker and dirtier than ever and the avenger who cleanses them is gloomy. “The Batman” delivers suspense, action, seduction and horror – that is, most things – in a hard and completely dark package.

Now we know more about the plot of “The Batman”

The film’s official synopsis promises “a disillusioned, desperate vigilante”.The new “The Batman” is as much an action movie as a thriller. And it sounds like Robert Pattinson has a really dark role to play, which the film’s first trailers have admittedly already hinted at.

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 Now the official plot for Matt Reeves’ hotly anticipated superhero role is released, a vague but enticing description of a vengeful lawless (anti) hero.Warner Bros. synopsis reveals that …

“The Batman” is an exciting, action-packed thriller that depicts Batman in his early years, as he struggles to balance anger and justice as he explores a disturbing mystery that has plagued Gotham. Robert Pattinson delivers a raw and intense portrait of Batman as a disillusioned, desperate vigilante aroused by the realization that the anger that consumes him does not make him better than the ruthless serial killer he chases.The serial killer in question is probably The Riddler / Edward Nashton, played by Paul Dano. In the film we also get to see Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman and not least Colin Farrell as The Penguin.

Jeffrey Wright: Does he want to direct a Batman spin-off?

Jeffrey Wright credit:Bang Showbiz

Jeffrey Wright has been in talks about a spin-off of ‘The Batman’.

The 56-year-old plays the role of Jim Gordon, a Gotham City cop, in the new superhero blockbuster starring Robert Pattinson and admits that while there have been talks, he’s not currently interested in the role a Gotham PD spin-off series for the HBO Max streaming service.

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Speaking to ComicBook.com, Jeffrey said: “This topic hasn’t been covered in enough depth on my part, especially as I’m really focused on getting this film out first. Let’s deal with that first before we start considering other things. I mean, I haven’t thought about it yet.” However, Wright also added, “There’s been some talk about it.” So fans can still hold out hope for a possible spin-off.

The actor is no stranger to major franchises, having met Dr. Felix Leiter played in the James Bond series. However, he revealed that he particularly loves the passion fans show towards Batman and the characters. Jeffrey added, “What I love about these characters and this franchise – and I’ve been in some big franchises, just done the latest Bond, done a couple of the Hunger Games movies – is the passion for these movies, the Batman -Movies and the comics. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced as an actor.”