The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is considering reintegrating the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA in December. The Russians had been sanctioned for two years due to repeated incidents.

“Trust in the Russian anti-doping system is still very low,” said Polish WADA President Witold Banka, “they have a lot of work to do to restore trust. They’re not back yet. The process A possible reintegration does not end on December 17 – in fact this process starts on that day.” WADA had decided on far-reaching sanctions against Russia because of extensive manipulation of data in the Moscow control laboratory.

In addition to the suspension of its anti-doping agency RUSADA, among other things, Russia as a nation is not allowed to participate in or host certain major sporting events such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup. WADA had already withdrawn full accreditation from the Moscow laboratory in 2015 after the doping program institutionalized in Russia was exposed.

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